The International Network of Freud Critics



    For almost a century now psychoanalysis has developed in several Western countries as the ancillary, if not as the primary part, of various healthcare systems. However, the scholarly critical studies (medical, literary, or philosophical) of the principles and the practices of Freud and his successors, which have been undertaken over the last thirty years, have shown that the Freudian enterprise was no more than a pseudo-scientific fraud built upon the erroneous interpretations of patients' statements, and that these mistaken interpretations themselves depended upon inaccurate, and indeed impossible, theories. This imposture has led to a blunders concerning the treatment of patients who sought help at their moments of greatest vulnerability.
    The Freudian ideology has been responsible for the production of a great number (and indeed a great variety) of pseudo-scientific off-shoots and has seriously corrupted many fields of psychiatry and psychological research and mental health-care in one way or another, directly or indirectly. Its successful penetration into our cultures, thanks to the seductive propaganda of its rhetoric, has been such that it is scarcely surprising that these criticisms have been so frequently ignored by the professionals of the health systems, or by the media, or by the political authorities themselves.

     In consequence, we - critics of Freudian dogmas and their applications - have agreed to the creation of a permanent forum to make known:

        (1)  The results of modern research on Freudianism

        (2)  The present state of knowledge of Freudian falsifications and their various consequences

        (3) The imminent or acute repercussions of “psycho-pseudo-science” in the field of  legislation,  jurisdiction, education and culture.

It is quite clear that a considerable amount of work remains to be done in order to show fully the overall dangers and errors of Freudianism. And so, in order to facilitate the various researches of visitors to this site, we will flag the most useful studies. The
"INFC web-site" will also provide Internet links for other sites on this subject. The most recent or most urgent articles are indicated in blue in the navigator


     Our intent is to broadcast relevant information about the fabrications, the lies, and the disinformation of the Freudians. We also intend to publish scientific texts as well as epistemological, historical and ethical texts, and even personal testimonies, articles, commentaries, reviews of publications, all of which we wish to make accessible to everybody.


      INFC will publish documents in English, French, and in German. These texts may differ in their content to the extent that they will reflect the various preoccupations specific to their particular country of origin. The Walter-von-Baeyer Society for Ethics in Psychiatry (GEP), founded in Munich (Germany), and which, for over 25 years, has been devoted to questions of ethics in psychological and psychiatric care, has agreed to open its internet site to the needs of the INFC for this purpose.



Publications on the INFC site lie in the common editorial responsibility of

J. Benesteau (F), M. Scharnberg (S), F. Weinberger (D) and R. Wilcocks (CDN).

Texts for publication should be submitted to  (please replace "+" by @ in the e-mail-program - spam-protection).


Collaborators and  partners of INFC are:


Jacques Bénesteau, Clinical Psychologist (Université de Toulouse, France), author of Mensonges Freudiens. Histoire d'une désinformation séculaire (2002, Mardaga, Brussels. First Prize of the Société Française d'Histoire de la Médecine, March 2003).


Frank Cioffi, Professor of philosophy (University of Kent, Canterbury, U.K.), author of many studies, and particularly of the 1969-1998 collection of essays and reviews: Freud and the Question of Pseudoscience (1998, Chicago & La Salle: Open Court).


Jacques Corraze, Honorary University professor (Toulouse, France), agrégé in philosophy, docteur des lettres et sciences humaines, psychiatrist, author of numerous books and articles.


Allen Esterson, one-time lecturer in mathematics and physics (Southward College, London, U.K.), author of Seductive Mirage: An Exploration of the Work of Sigmund Freud (1993, Chicago & La Salle, Open Court), and of numerous articles


Philippe Gouillou, author and translator of several specialized books (France),creator of the Internet sites &


Nanna Hucke, Dr. phil. (doctorate degree in Literature), presented in 2009 an extensive work on the relationship between the author, text and reader: “Die Ordnung der Unterwelt / The Order of the Underworld”. Among other things, she takes an in-depth look into the theoretical and practical problems in the field of  psychological studies of literature, and in this field, has developed a novel explanatory conception based on the logic of language and text in general:


Josiane Praz, psychologist of Geneva University, Switzerland, author of « Le ‘’Petit Hans’’ et sa famille: données historiques et biographiques. » (in J. Bergeret & M. Houser, La Sexualité infantile et ses mythes, pp.121-139. 2001, Paris: Dunod)


Max Scharnberg, Assistant Professor (Department of Education Uppsala University, Sweden), author of several works, including: The Non-Authentic Nature of Freud's Observations (1993, 2 volumes, Acta Universitatis, Uppsala). English and Swedish, Texts by Scharnberg will be found in:


Richard Webster, U.K., author of Why Freud was Wrong: Sin, Science, and Psychoanalysis (1995, Harper Collins; and of Freud (2003, London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson). See his website


Friedrich Weinberger, M.D., psychiatrist and neurologist at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, Chairman of G.E.P. (Society for Ethics in Psychiatry) and editor of its twice-yearly bulletin since 1977. On December 5, 2006 Dr. Weinberger received the award of the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande) for his "inestimable honorary contribution to the fight for human rights" by the president of the Republic Horst Köhler.


Nils Wiklund, Associate Professor (docent) in psychology, particularly forensic psychology, Stockholm, Sweden, author of THE ICARUS COMPLEX, editor of text books on forensic psychiatry and Swedish witness psychology (statement validity analysis) and several articles (also on fire-setting and parapsychology). Some of his texts in English and Swedish on the web site


Robert Wilcocks, Professor emeritus of Modern French Literature at the University of Alberta, Canada, author of several works including Maelzel's Chess Player: Sigmund Freud and the Rhetoric of Deceit (1994, Rowman & Littlefield), and Mousetraps and the Moon: The Strange Ride of Sigmund Freud and the Early Years of Psychoanalysis (2000, Lexington Books).



                The persons listed above may, indeed, have different opinions on all kinds of issues outside the Freudian question. Nevertheless, their common goal is a search for the truth and for a shared confidence in the care given to psychologically distressed patients, and especially for the rectification of those phantasmagoria which inevitably end in the lies, the offences, or even the mental injuries caused to people who, in their suffering, seek professional help. This is an invitation, made to mental healthcare professionals, to assist and support our efforts.