Following its original ends

the Walter-von-Baeyer-Society for Ethics in Psychiatry (GEP),

the former “German Association on the Political Abuse of Psychiatry” (founded 1977), 1980 – 1991 (at the times of Soviet psychiatric abuses) member of the former

      International Association on the Political Use of Psychiatry (IAPUP),

publishes the bulk of its information material in German. Since 1997 our (mostly bi-annual) bulletins (Rundbriefe) contain English summaries. They have been put into the English section of our web-site in November 2000 to show the topics of our prevailing present concerns and our continuing activities to the visitors from English speaking countries. Since some time we take the chance to direct their attention also to texts in original English which in our opinion are crucial for the understanding of some really eerie developments in present psychiatry and beyond .

In November 2003 we succeded together with some well reputed scholars in French and English speaking countries in forming a new body to tackle the specific problems of psycho­analysis which we have been concerned with since long. We can let the this task now to the members of the International Network of Freud Critics (INFC). They form their own section now on our web-site.