Scharnberg & Edvardsson, List of Freud-Critical Publications on DiVA

A growing number of people feel uneasy about psychoanalysis. It would cost them, however, much labour to find all its flaws. Luckily, many highly competent researchers have already published scientific analyses of many of these flaws in Freud’s work. But it may not be easy to find the most meaningful books. Therefore Max Scharnberg, professor emeritus, Uppsala University, department of education, and Bo Edvardsson, professor emeritus, Örebro University, school of law, psychology and social work, compiled a list of relevant books and articles. The list is by no means exhaustive. But it contains the writings of some of the internationally most reputed critics, altogether 51 items.

This list is presented by DiVA, „Digitalt Vetenskapligt Arkiv“ (Digital Scientific Archive),, an archive in which all 33 Swedish universities and advanced schools publish their reports, be it only the titles, the abstracts, the summaries, or the full texts, thus making them available for free all over the world. The list published here on INFC is literally copied from DiVA.

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